KAD Alloy 4 Pot Brakes – What drive flanges do I need?

Posted on January 29 2013

A quick and simple run down on what drive flanges you need when fitting KAD's famous Alloy 4 Pot Brake Calipers. 

Solid Discs –


KAD Alloy 4 pot brakes to suit solid type discs are a direct replacement for any Mini that already uses a solid disc set-up. We produce kits in 8.4” for cars with 12 and 13” wheels, 7.9” for most 10” wheels and 7.75” for restrictive 10” wheels.

The KAD disc uses the standard Mini type drive flange.

Vented Discs –

For extra performance we also produce our 4 pot callipers to suit vented discs. In the past to fit the vented type disc you had to convert your Mini drive flanges to the later Metro type to gain the off-set needed. KAD has always produced their discs to use the Mini drive flange. We produce our own high quality brake discs with the correct off-set required to simply fit the KAD item to your standard Mini drive flange!

The KAD Alloy Drive Flanges and also produced with the same off-set as the standard item.

All associated callipers mounting bolts and spacers are supplied with every set of KAD brake callipers. We also supply all our brake discs with new disc to flange bolts so you have everything you require.