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KAD 16v A-Series Water Pump and Fan Dyno Testing - The Results

Posted on November 29 2012

 The dyno is such a vital tool for engine tuning and testing. At KAD we test every engine before they leave for the customer to ensure everything is working correctly and so we can squeeze every last bit of possible power to ensure the customer is getting the very best!

The dyno is also needed to help develop and test new ideas on our latest engines. This time we decided to test 'how much power drain does the standard mechanical water pump and 11 blade plastic fan have?'

We go to our very best to develop new engine components, cylinder head port design, camshaft profiles and injection systems to give you maximum horse power. Every little helps if the field of racing and the power hungry motor sport world.

First we tested as we normally would using an electric water pump on the dyno and no engine cooling fan, the results were very good on this 1460cc 16v Rally spec engine. Peak horsepower of 170 at 8250rpm. Now for the interesting part...when running the mechanical water pump and an 11 blade fan from a standard Mini...a drastic 20hp decrease in top end power! The graph shows a steady percentage in power decrease as the rpm gets higher and with the pump and fan fitted the engine did not want to rev as high as 8250 on the dyno. You can also physically see the fan grow in size at this RPM!

These results have startled us and we are now looking into new developments of clawing that all important power back where space is a premium in road going Minis. More testing will take place with different water pumps and fans to test efficiency and all important power losses!

There may also be other electric water pumps and cooling ideas very soon.

KAD 16v Set to Appear at Brands Hatch Mini Festival

Posted on May 31 2012

KAD will now feature at the Brands Hatch Mini Festival ‘Open Race’ on June 16th/17th in the new Mondo Sport racer with special guest driver and ex-Mini Miglia Champion Ian Curley!

Hope to see you there!

New Website is here

Posted on May 16 2012

Well after a marathon effort by Red Carrot and Arnold at KAD with the camera we have a beta version of our new website. I'm sure you'll agree it looks fantastic and is well worth the wait. This will become fully e-commerce enabled in the next week or so as we tie up loose ends on the secure payment side. If you need to purchase anything after drooling over the pictures, please email or give us a call and we'll sort the orders in the 'old school' over the phone fashion.

Elsewhere we've been busy as the race engine has received a long overdue rebuild.

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